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We will consistently supply the highest quality products to our Customers

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We are Green

We will strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our Customers

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Only the best inks

We will endeavour to provide our Customers with stable and competitive prices

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Technology Driven

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We will use technology to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and to add value to our Customers

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Short Introduction

We are ink

Imvusa Inks was established in June 2006. This was due to retaining much needed skills in the Eastern Cape for the manufacturing and supply of Inks and Allied Technology into the Printing and Packaging market.

We are proud to say we have over 100 years of experience that covers base manufacturing, product technology, product development and technical support. This covers the four major Printing and Packaging Sectors namely;

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Service One


We offer local and international manufacturing Inks and Allied Press printing products to the Printing and Packaging market.

Service Two


We offer a high standard of product knowledge and technical support.

Service Three


We offer competitive pricing across our range of products.

Service Four


We offer technology driven product innovation.